Woodworking Projects

When spare time permits, I like to take on a variety of wood working projects. It is fun to build useful things, great to learn new techniques, and there is always more to do in the physical world. I have built many things, this page has a poorly organized set of highlights. The embedded images are full resolution (sorry) so you can "open image in a new tab" to see the full resolution if you'd like.

May 2016: Backyard treehouse

Family DIY treehouse/sandbox/slide is finally done-for-now. Kid tested and approved! It features a nice curved lamination beam made out of resawing + regluing some redwood beams, custom windows, and many other features. [tweet].

Jan 2017: Claro walnut dining table

A late present for Tanya, finally finished building her 8' long claro walnut tree dining table. [tweet]

Progress pictures: [tweet]

May 2017: Rocket Bookshelf for Zac

Each time I build a bookcase for Zac, it gets more complicated. [tweet]

Here are some "making of" pictures, and the lucky Zac. Built with poplar fronts, bent plywood around the edges, etc. [tweet]

Feb 2012 ... Aug 2017: Backyard table + benches

In Feb'12, a >100ft tall deodar cedar tree had to be removed from our yard. Had chainsaw guy rough cut it into slabs and quarters, and milled it when dry...[tweet]

...then in Oct'14, when the wood was drier built a two slab table to use up some of the wood... [tweet]

... a live edge table did the trick, but left tons of BF of wood, and a few less desirable slabs laying around... [tweet]

... fortunately in Aug 2017 I find myself with some spare time to address that problem, changing it into four live edge benches... [tweet]

... which used up the majority of the leftover wood and provide a comfy place to rest... [tweet]

... but also allow the tree to live on in its own backyard, in a super useful form. Ultra locally sourced and organic :-) [tweet]

Jan 2020: Treasure box for Riley

Finished Riley’s treasure box for Xmas: 🦓 wood, sapelle & amp; bamboo, an experiment with rounded box joint corners. [tweet]

Construction Progress + Sock Holder 🐶 for inspiration: [tweet]

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